ZMQ wins Manthan Award 2006 as India's best e-Content in m-Content Category

New Delhi, September 15, 2006- ZMQ Software Systems has won the Manthan Award 2006. The project "Freedom HIV/AIDS" mobile phone games to create HIV/AIDS Awareness wins the India best e-Content in the category of m-Content. The link of the Award can be viewed at:

Freedom HIV/AIDS is the largest social initiative using mobile phone games and mobile health management solutions & tools to fight HIV/AIDS, reaching to over 42 million users in Asia and Africa. The project is a CSR program of ZMQ Software Systems, India. The projects serves as the prime resource center for knowledge and health management tools on HIV/AIDS using the reach of mobile phone networks. Freedom HIV/AIDS is a pioneering initiative to create awareness about HIV/AIDS to under-privileged communities of the world through the mobile games. The project is innovative in 2 ways; firstly for the methodology of presentation of highly serious information by using Games, and secondly the mode of dissemination by exploiting the reach of mobile networks. The project is running successfully in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Namibia and Mozambique. 

In 2005, ZMQ's "eLab" won the Manthan Award as India best e-Content in the category of e-Science, and "Cricket India" as India's best e-Content in the category of e-Entertainment.
Link of the 2005 Award:

About Manthan Award:
The Manthan Award is inspired by WSA - the World Summit Award under the framework of United Nation's World Summit on Information Society (WSIS-UN), to select best quality e-Content in India and to promote creativity & innovation in the development of new media applications in India. The award is organized by Digital Empowerment Foundation annually. The website of the Manthan Award can be viewed at: