This is a prototype of an edutainment system with three learning objects. The system is designed for school children using popular regional content and tools in an edutainment mode. The learning tools are developed keeping in view the level of understanding of the user, demographic requirements and social taboos. The methodology employed for creating this system is by using popular content like regional e-films, traditional e-games, interactive act plays, e-puppet shows, e- folk stories and tales, folk music and songs, simulated situations and PDAs. As the user is familiar with the popular content, it is easy to convey ideas and messages. PDAs or the guides used here are the animated popular figures like sportsmen. actors, public heroes and local idols, through them the idea is conveyed sucessfully..

             A Quiz with Nelson Mandela       

: Play areal-time quiz on HIV/AIDS with Mr. Mandela as your interactive Quiz Master. The question are picked from a data bank.

                        Shoot the HIV           

It is an exciting activity game to shoot the AIDS virus before it kills you. Use safer means in life to avoid AIDS.

                   Save your village         

E-Documentary :
It is a simulated teaching tool to learn about the AIDS prone scenarios and learn how to avoid them.

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